A Framework for the Next Decade

Cutting-Edge tools and libraries to help you build your app FAST.

Within minutes, you can have a rock-solid framework, a nice out-of-the-box user authentication/registration, no-sql backend with an ORM, Form management, caching, a task queue and a beautiful front-end

Download from Github



You will need Mongodb and Redis installed.


$ git clone [email protected]:level09/enferno.git

$ cd enferno

$ virtualenv env --distribute --no-site-packages

$ source env/bin/activate

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Edit the settings.py and change the settings to suit your needs, specifically you can change Flask security settings, security keys, Mongodb settings,and Flask mail.

to run the system, you can use a management command:

$ ./manage.py server

FAQ and How to:

How to customize the user registration/login ?

If you follow the quickstart steps, the following URLs are automatically registered:


You can find all the templates inside the templates/securitydirectory


  • Flask based
  • Fully working user registration and authentication + user roles via Flask security and Flask Principal
  • Memory caching via Redis and Flask cache
  • Command line scripting via Flask Script
  • Automatic assets bundling and minification via Flask assets
  • Mongodb and Mongoengine ORM
  • Simple admin backend using Flask Admin
  • Background tasks via Celery
  • Email integration via Flask Mail
  • Best practices by utilizing Flask blueprints and development/production configuration


MIT licensed.